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Long hairs are very beautiful and they help in increasing your beauty. Asian women are especially famous for their black eyes and long black hairs. If you have long hairs then you are lucky enough to try many hairstyles and among those hairstyles, long bob haircuts are very famous. They can change your look and they are easy to maintain and style.

Long bob haircuts are best for women having round faces because their face will look a bit longer with this hairstyle. Bob hairstyle is in fashion since after its inception so if you are going with any of the long bob haircuts then you must not be worried by thinking that your selected bob hairstyle will be soon out of fashion as new forms are seen with every changing fashion.

This hairstyle was first discovered in 1910 when many film celebrities had cut their locks in to bob style but now many modern types of bob hairstyles are in fashion like inverted bob hairstyle, asymmetrical bob hairstyle, classy bob hairstyle, sleek bob hairstyle and angled bob hairstyle.You can add variation to your hairstyle with the help of bangs and fringes.
 long bob haircuts -  long bob hairstyles
Women with wide forehead want such hairstyles which help in reducing the width of their forehead. Such women should try side sweeping bangs as bangs will cover their forehead. Women with round faces should try long bob style but their hairstyle should start from chin as very short hairstyle will make their face more round.
 long bob haircuts -  long bob hairstyles
If you are adding bangs in your hairstyle then you must make it sure that your selected bang style is suitable with your hairstyle as bangs do not look good on all hairstyles. Some hairstyles totally lost with bangs while some enhance their beauty with bangs. If you have long hairs and you want to get any of the bob style with out reducing the length of your hairs then you can do so. In this hairstyle, hairs at the top of the head are cut in to bob while hairs at the back remain of long length.
 long bob haircuts -  long bob hairstyles
You can add fringes and curls if you want to add some more style. Curls are best for those women who have thin and fine hairs as curls help in giving weight o the hairs. Your hairstyle must be very important for you as it helps in making your personality and position. You can get many hairstyle ideas from internet and you can also consult your hairstylist about your hairstyles 2013. 

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